What is reality

The unconsious behaviour of layers



The image as a matrix

painting like music in space

A composer of space. My work is about space and the relationship between object, subject and space.  As an artist I feel related to Rene Daniels, Giotto, Jacopo da Pontormo, Mark Rothko, Philip Guston, Fra Angelico, Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Klee, Gerhard Richter.  All because of different reasons. But what they have in common in my view is a new sense of space and awareness. For me space and awareness are important with painting. A painting is more than an image. It is the 2 dimensional essence of space.

A painting is about layers of history that form a unity in time and work on the image and composition. Its more a matrix of paint then a flat image. By using the art history as a background I try to relive other artists solutions to problems. This because every painting is a problem that needs to be solved.

What is the ultimate painting? For me, my search in art is finding an image that is perfect. I do not believe in series because that is too much a fixed pattern. With series it is about choosing a path and for me that is not what I am searching for. Every painting is a new way of looking. For this method that I use destruction is an important facet. 

I also make murals. For me a mural is complete freedom. Especially with murals you need to work like you are sketching. Sponteinity is important. The art is to let go.

I combine installation art, murals and paintings. It is all about recreating space. My inspiration comes from art history, philosophy, music, performance  and theater. In the future I want to work together with other disciplines. That gives a lot of inspiration.